When you begin thinking about landscaping, you naturally start to think about boulders and stones. Some times they are used as integral parts of the landscape, and other times they are used as accent pieces.

When it comes to boulders, you first must determine if the landscape is even and uniform. If it is, you can select colourful boulders that are bold and ground your landscape by giving it a sense of strength. If the landscape isn’t even then you may want to incorporate boulders retaining walls to help create more usable space. Boulders and rocks often have veins running through them that pop with colour, ranging from white to jade. When you are picking out the perfect stones, you want to see how they look when they are wet and dry. You may wish to soak the boulder in water so you can see all of its colours. An impressive trick that you can try with boulders is to drill a hole in it and make it a bubbling boulder water feature. This also allows the boulder to be wet regularly, so you always see the colours running through it.

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Natural stone has become an incredibly popular addition to outside landscapes. It is durable and can stand up to the harshest weather and winters you may have in your area. When it comes to natural stone, you should consider selecting stones that match the exterior of the house, or the colours that are already part of your landscape. When you consider the colours that are already part of your landscape, you should look at the flowers and plants that are part of your yard.

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