A well-built, strong and great-looking fence can really add to the aesthetics of your landscape. As your yard matures a well-selected fence ages gracefully with its surroundings to enhance the overall appeal and value of your house and yard. It will also help protect your loved ones, your landscape investment and your belongings while adding privacy.

HML offers a variety of different types of fencing materials, most common are treated lumber, red cedar, and vinyl. All fences are installed by carpenters who are experienced with each individual product. HML carpenters install all of our products according to manufacturer's specifications.

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Treated Lumber

Treated lumber fences are economical as well materials are readily available, but do require some maintenance.

Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar fences are pleasing to look at and have a distinct aroma, especially after rain showers.

They are more costly than treated lumber fences, but more natural looking and age to a very pleasant grey colour over time.

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Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of colours and styles, and are completely maintenance free and long-lasting.

They are a good alternative for individuals with a busy lifestyle.

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