Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve a number of purposes. They can retain soil from a higher elevation, form property boundaries, or be decorative additions to your property. Typically retaining walls are made from natural rocks, bricks/blocks, or wood.

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, block retaining walls may be the ultimate solution for that corner of your yard that seems to need something more. Walls add depth to your property and make small yards look larger. They are a good way to add colour and divide up the lawn.

Functionally, retaining walls can be used on edges of property to retain soil and serve as a boundary. Wood ties or blocks are both good choices for a functioning retaining wall. Manufactured blocks can even be used as sitting walls, a good option for customers who entertain often. They can also be used to create an elevated/raised garden.

At HML our retaining walls are always built and levelled on a standard compacted road crush base with a weeping tile and washed rock drainage system behind each wall.

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