Our team at HML Landscape are grateful for the trust that our clients in Northern Alberta have placed in us. That trust is the reason why we have been able to offer our services for more than 20 years.

Northern Alberta is our home, and we want to do our part to improve the community we all share as much as we can.

Partnership with the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Our children are our future. We want to help ensure that the children of Northern Alberta will always be able to receive the expert care they need.
To do so, we have partnered up with the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Last December, we sponsored the Whoville Tree Making Event and Silent Auction that was held at Connor’s Irish Pub in St. Albert.
Attendees were given a chance to participate in numerous fun activities, including a silent auction that featured several great prizes. Connor’s Irish Pub also treated the guests in attendance to an assortment of delicious dishes.
Thanks to the generosity of the attendees, we were able to raise money directly to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. The funds we collectively raised played a considerable role in the completion of the new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Sturgeon Community Hospital.
With that new addition completed, more neonatal infants will receive high-quality care to boost their odds of survival.

How the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation Is Continuing Their Work during This Pandemic

In addition to the fantastic work done by the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation that helped in the creation of the new NICU, they have continued to offer valuable support during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this unique moment in history, our front-line caregivers are routinely placed in situations that are demanding both physically and mentally. To ease the strain placed on the minds of our courageous front-liners, the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is also managing the Stollery Critical Incident Stress Management Program.

The program mentioned above is designed to provide badly needed mental health support for the medical front-liners who are continuing to fight against the novel coronavirus. Now more than ever, ensuring the health of our front-liners is more critical than ever.

We are proud to be partners of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, and we look forward to continuing our work with them into the future.

Sponsorship of the 10th Annual Canadian Progress Club Pond Hockey Championships

We want to continue helping the youth of Northern Alberta beyond our partnership with the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. In pursuit of that goal, we sponsored the 10th Annual Canadian Progress Club Pond Hockey Championships.
Along with giving many residents of St. Albert a chance to compete and have fun on the ice, the pond hockey tournament also raises funds for several fantastic charitable causes. Funds raised by the event go to Camp Warwa, an organization that allows kids to experience all kinds of outdoor activities. KidSport St. Albert is another beneficiary, and they help underprivileged kids play organized sports.
Other beneficiaries of the funds generated by the Pond Hockey Championships include Uncles & Aunts at Large as well as the Special Olympics.
The value of encouraging a young child to remain active and take part in their community cannot be overstated. We want to ensure that the kids of Northern Alberta get the chance to experience a happy and fulfilled childhood, and we hope that our sponsorship efforts are helping.
Landscape design and construction are the fields we specialize in here at HML Construction. We are not content with merely beautifying homes across Northern Alberta, however. Count on us to continue our efforts as we aim to construct a better future for Canadian youth.

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