Flagstone Patios & Walkways

One of the most versatile and visually appealing products for any landscaping project is flagstone pavers and walkways.

Flagstone patios and walkways tastefully complement your home and greatly enrich your lifestyle. Various different size stone slabs create an alluring texture and an intricate paver pattern, without creating a busy distractor from the great outdoors.

Flagstone – An Artistic Touch To Surfaces

Flagstones are large, flat, pieces of stone commonly used for outdoor paving projects such as patios, pool decks, stairways & driveways. They are irregular in shape and vary in thickness and are very good value because they are basically off-cuts.

Flagstone an ideal material for any aspect of your landscape that will surround the gardens and greenery, whether you’re using flagstone pavers to create flat walkways or want a specific style and colour to put in some flagstone patio steps.

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HML Construction delivers a wide range of flagstone pavers and walkway ideas for a variety of different projects, from simple styles to complex creations.

We can design a patio using supreme quality flagstones that makes your small backyard seem like an expansive hideaway. Our designer flagstone walkways will turn that muddy track on the side of your house into a path you love walking down.

Our expert masons and landscapers can build flagstone patios, walkways, and other surfaces like stone walls, driveways, and steps that will transform your outdoor spaces. You will spend more time in your yard than ever before!

Choosing the right paver can be a daunting experience, with literally hundreds of different pavers on the market. So why not go for someone who can not just build patios and walkways for you but also design your entire lot? Choose HML Construction for all your pavement and landscaping requirements.

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