Decks are basically an extension of your living space outdoors. They offer a clean, enjoyable space for you to relax or entertain friends. HML can design the “deck of your dreams” and design the perfect deck for your needs.

As with fence materials, there are a wide variety of deck materials being used today. Each individual or family’s needs are different and the designers at HML will help you choose a deck material that will best suit your needs.

Our three most popular decking materials are composite, pressure treated, and western red cedar.

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Composite Decking

Composite decking is the most popular type of decking used. Typically, composite decking is very dense and can be made from plastics, recycled wood fibres, and other materials.

It is designed to have the natural look of wood while having the ability to withstand 4 seasons without weathering. Composite decking is available in a number of different colours and textures.

Pressure Treated Decking

Pressure treated decking is the most economical material for decks. It is natural wood treated with minerals.

Treated decking is resistant to insects, water, and rot. Treated wood is green at the beginning, then over the years turns to a brownish colour after sun-bleaching.

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Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is traditionally the most popular form of decking. It is a reddish-brown colour, and fades to a silver grey colour over time. Cedar can be shaped and sanded, and is a good option for custom decks with furniture, pergolas, etc. Cedar also gives off a very pleasant aroma.

Cedar should be stained every 2-3 years to make it last longer, but still has a natural resistance to water and decay.


Pergolas are custom roofs for decks. They can be as simple as a few joists over the top of the deck to intricate ornamental roofs. Usually, pergolas are made from Western Red Cedar as it is easier to cut, shape, and mill.

Many of the pergolas we make at HML have a post and beam system and can include waist-height bar counters all made out of cedar. Pergolas are great for adding some sun shade and decoration to your deck or patio.

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