Project Details

Project: Lynx

The initial design process started mid-summer while the house was being built, with construction starting September once the client obtained possession of the home.

This project was split into two phases with the retaining wall built that fall and the plant material, beds, lawn, and remaining items taking place the following summer. In total this project took four weeks to complete.

Project Goals

  • Maximize usable space
  • Create a cost-effective design
  • Provide privacy from onlooking homes
  • Create open space for grandchildren

Project Scope

This home presented a warm character with unique design elements. It was important to capture this unique character throughout the landscape as well. The home owners looked forward to hosting family gatherings and creating a space for their grandchildren to enjoy.

Providing multiple budget options and design concepts, the owner decided on the combination of a gentle curve retaining wall that was warm and inviting, combined with Roman Pisa Blocks for a more modern feel.

Using cost-wise materials that would create a privacy solution was key. A selection of plants including Columnar Spruce and high headed trees provided great coverage from the neighbors view, while layers of various plant materials contributed to the character of the design; with multiple leaf colors in the shrubs, different bloom times for the perennials, a featured Ponderosa Pine, and Mountain Ash to attract birds.

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