Garden Beds

Garden beds fit a home and lifestyle that has limited time for gardening. Bed area ground cover can vary in size and scale from a bed of rocks, small grouping of rocks, carefully placed boulders, natural wood mulch or a rubber mulch. A custom fit water feature can also be a wonderful accent to a garden bed.

However you use ground cover to accent your style, rock or mulch gardens are beautiful and are a great addition to your landscape with aesthetic value and very low maintenance.

Each garden bed is a custom design featuring many different types, colours and shapes of rocks and fillers. HML uses only the best rock products found in Alberta, North America, and all over the world, providing one of the most extensive ground cover selections Alberta has to offer.

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The designers at HML can complete a full planting plan to ensure your yard flourishes every summer.

At HML we consider your lifestyle, and taste when creating a planting plan. Everyone wants to have a low maintenance yard while still having a mixture of colours, textures, and bloom times to add interest to your yard.

We consider size, hardiness and maintenance requirements making sure your planting beds are filled appropriately. It is important to consider plant size and layout to allow your plants room to grow, and make sure your yard does not look overgrown when all your plants are fully developed. Unfortunately, our climate does not offer the largest selection of plant material. Here at HML we only work with plants that can survive our harsh winters.

Our designers will work with you to develop the perfect plan that suits your space!

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