Project Details

Project: Parkside

The initial design process for this project began in the spring when the customer had just moved into their new home. They had a good idea of what they wanted including a patio and entertaining space off the back deck, a fire pit area, and plenty of space for their grandchildren to play. From the initial design meeting it took about two weeks to complete and finalize the design that went into construction.


This project presented restrictions on plant materials, limited to plants that have little to no scent. Even with this challenge we were able to find a selection of plants providing a mixture of colour, texture, and bloom times to ensure the yard filled with colour all year round.

Project Goals

  • Low Maintenance
  • Wheelchair access to certain areas of the yard
  • All features of the yard visible from the dining room window
  • Use plants that have no scent
  • Utilize and blend with the surrounding park space
  • Create privacy from the neighbouring park

Project Scope

The most important detail of the design was that all the features of the yard could be seen from the dining room window. The curving lines take your eye around the yard creating views that incorporate the stunning backdrop of the natural area surrounding the property.

Concrete curb edging around all the planting beds, fabric and rock in the planting beds, and natural hardy plants that thrive in Edmonton make this yard as low maintenance as possible. This space is a great example of mixing artificial with natural. The front yard was done in artificial turf to minimize maintenance while the back was done in sod. To most, you cannot tell the difference between the two.

We also added rubber mulch in the play area as an alternative to sand with it being cleaner and easier to maintain than a traditional sand box.

The design concept brought the neighboring park space into the landscape, offsetting trees that allow for full privacy once matured. Stepping stone walkways and natural boulders added to the natural look of this space which combined with the treelined backdrop of the property, made it a mountain escape for the home owner.

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