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Project: Evans

The design for this existing yard was based on function and simplicity; Transforming an existing sloped yard to contain more contemporary style with useable space for their busy family.


The sloped yard and various elevation changes provided several challenges. As well, access and space was limited as it is a pie-shaped lot.

Project Goals

  • Incorporate more contemporary style
  • Create a shop area under the deck
  • Accommodate new hot tub
  • Provide a great entertainment space
  • Make the lawn more functional for the kids

Project Scope

A new deck space was a priority for the function of this yard. A deck that was large enough to entertain on, provide great access to the hot tub for winter use, as well as provide extra storage and space underneath. To accommodate, we bumped the deck past the edge of the house into the unusable side yard and installed a clouded glass screen railing for privacy and wind break. A two-tier deck was designed for better stepping access into the hot tub and prevent a single steep staircase from the deck to the yard. The two tiers made the space more inviting and less invasive to the yard.

To create a usable space under the deck, we obtained engineered drawings and got a permit to excavate the ground under the deck, installed concrete retaining walls with weeping tile foundation and drainage. The new deck was finished with a vinyl surface that prevents water from getting under the deck, siding walls to match the house, and custom aluminum railings. Step riser lights incorporated into the step treads. An electrical sub panel and electrical outlets also incorporated into the project to accommodate the usability of the storage / shop space, outdoor lighting and new hot tub.

In the corner of the yard we cut into the existing slope and installed retaining walls and planters for a large Travertina patio space. The Borealis wall helped level the lawn area in the yard as well. Surrounding this lower patio are beds with perennial plants that are low maintenance and add to the cozy atmosphere. A tree was added to the side yard for additional privacy from the side neighbour.

Landscape lighting was a great addition to the yard in setting the mood and extending the enjoyment of the yard even on those cold winter evenings sitting in the hot tub.

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