Professional Carpentry and Woodwork

Create a functional, beautiful outdoor space with our professional carpentry team. Our skilled staff is trained to understand your needs and requirements to bring them to reality. We will meet and discuss your needs, budget and options to create a perfect custom solution for you. So whether you’re looking to build a deck, fences, privacy screens, pergolas, or a  raised garden bed, give us a call for expert opinion. 


Decks are basically an extension of your living space outdoors. They offer a clean, enjoyable space for you to relax or entertain friends. HML can design the “deck of your dreams”.

If you believe decks are high maintenance and would rather switch to something low maintenance, composite decks are all the rage these days. Made from a man-made mixture of wood, plastic and bonding agents, is an amazing alternative to traditional wooden decks.

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From a traditional picket fence to newer engineered styles, here at HML, you get to choose just what kind of fence you want in your house. Our goal is simple: if it's wood, we can do it!

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens can add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space. Privacy screens may be used as a divider of your outdoor space or may even be used to maintain privacy from neighbors in a shared backyard. 

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Pergolas are custom roofs for decks. They can be as simple as a few joists over the top of the deck to intricate ornamental roofs. Usually, pergolas are made from Western Red Cedar as it is easier to cut, shape, and mill.

Many of the pergolas we make at HML have a post and beam system and can include waist-height bar counters all made out of cedar. Pergolas are great for adding some sun shade and decoration to your deck or patio.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds provide you control over the health of the soil in which you are growing your plants. A raised garden bed is simply mounded soil or a contained bed of soil above the surrounding grade. 

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