Irrigation Systems

Following the Alberta Irrigation Standards when designing irrigation systems, HML ensures each irrigation system is meticulously designed to achieve peak performance while considering efficiency and the conservation of water. HML offers automated sprinkler systems that are programmed to run during hours with less water loss due to evaporation, and for short durations to avoid water run off. This helps reduce water usage and keeps water bills lower.

HML designs plans that focus on water conservation, while ensuring that your lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs, all get the right amount of water. Our Rainbird irrigation systems can be controlled by your smart phone and will reduce wasted water on your property.

Once an irrigation system is in place and installed, the irrigation specialist will program it and educate the home owner on its usage. Most systems are very user friendly and require very little maintenance. Each system has a rain sensor that automatically shuts off the water after a measurable amount of precipitation. HML Construction can tackle even the most challenging situations to design an irrigation solution that’s right for you.

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