Project Details

Project: Watercrest

The initial design process began mid April 2018. At this time, no neighbouring lots had broken ground on their properties as this was a brand new lot.

The client was concerned about drainage and neighbouring properties.

The main function of the yard was to accommodate an entertaining features, space for soccer and activities, and a dog area, while still providing low maintenance space that looked tidy.

Project Goals

  • Maintain contemporary style while highlighting/showcasing the clients concrete work
  • Installing pre-emergent herbicide over the soil prior to installing the bark mulch to keep the weed growth down
  • Space needed to be very low maintenance with minimal lawn mowing and tidy appearance
  • Addressing and fixing drainage issues

Must Haves

  • An instant landscape with large trees
  • Water feature in the front yard to fall with the grade
  • Create large usable space where kids can play soccer & activities
  • Outdoor kitchen & screen room
  • Big deck & sitting area
  • Sunken fire pit area with a permeable base
  • Artificial turf
  • Irrigation & lighting
  • Dog area

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