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Project: Orchard

The initial design process began in the spring when construction on the house was almost completed. At this time, no neighboring lots had broken ground on their properties and the home owner was undecided on how they wanted their landscape to look.

The main function of the yard was to accommodate the activities of two young children, while still providing an outdoor living space with a firepit.


With the height difference between this property and the houses behind it, the rear row of housing looked onto the yard and provided no privacy. As well, there was a steep slope in the back yard draining towards the house.

Project Goals

  • Create large usable space where kids can play ball & tag
  • Create privacy from shadowing houses
  • Remove steep slope directed towards the house
  • Create outdoor area with firepit

Project Scope

By tiering the natural stone retaining walls we created a large flat lawn area for the kids to play and run around. The sunken patio was designed to create a beautiful feature in the yard while housing the firepit and intimate entertaining space out of the neighbors view. Tapering off the retaining wall where we did allowed us to keep the natural slope of the yard creating a usable transition from the kids play area into the entertaining space.

The natural flagstone patio was assembled with each piece cut to fit. The long natural flagstone walkway begins at the front gate entrance and leads you up to the adjoining patio and grand reveal of the backyard oasis.

The Columnar Blue Spruce and Pyramidal Mountain Ash trees were planted to provide screening from the neighbors, which also provides four season interest. We also added two larger canopy feature trees giving shade to the kids play area.

This project is complete with feature lighting throughout the back yard, including a soft touch of bollard lighting throughout, lighting on the back spruce trees, and twinkle lights on the two canopy trees.

Maintaining a low maintenance lawn area we used paving stone edging in front of the walls and around the planting beds.

The front yard required a retaining wall, carrying the theme of natural stone. This wall softened the corner of the house and added to the curving lines of the front yard, creating attractive curb appeal.

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