Infill landscaping happens when you take an existing lot with an existing house, and then the house is demolished to build a new one on top of the land. The infill can be an essential part of maintaining and investing in communities and neighbourhoods. Often, older neighbourhoods are overlooked when it comes to new construction, or completely revamping existing landscaping, which is a shame because there are hidden gems that could be missed. The guidelines for landscaping often changes in cities, we at HML ensure compliance with all of the local laws and regulations.

A common misconception is that once a house is put in place, there is no chance for landscaping to be changed. That is not the case. There is always an opportunity to correct any issues or concerns you have with your yard, which includes but is not limited to drainage issues, areas that require a lot of maintenance, or areas that you just do not like anymore. You would be surprised at how renovating your yard can make your house look drastically different. It is vital that considering infill landscaping is well thought out before you move forward with that decision.

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