Winter Lawn Care FAQs

Winter Lawn Care
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Winters can be quite difficult for your green grass lawn. . The dormancy affects all species of grass which means there’s little you can do as a homeowner during winter. There are a few Winter lawn care FAQs that you should read to prepare for the winter.

Should I Cut the Grass Too Low?

Cutting the grass to 2½ inches before winter kicks in will prevent photosynthesis in the grass and will go a long way before you have to mow it again. Matted grass is one of the after-effects during winter after a snowfall.

Should I Keep Off the Lawn?

Unless you don’t have a sidewalk or driveway bifurcating the lawn and you can’t venture out of your house without stepping foot on the lawn, try to keep off the grass during winter. The grass is frosty and wet and thus, susceptible to damage and they only undergo repair during spring so take care of that.

How To Aerate the Lawn?

Your lawn needs to breathe too. You can use a spike to put holes in the soul a few inches in depth to aerate the lawn. Put these holes across the lawn every meter or so. If you have a huge lawn, you can instead use a motorized aerator.

Do I Need to Remove Leaves and Debris During Winter?

During summer, you can use a rake or brush to remove dried out or fallen leaves and debris off the lawn and there is a set frequency. During winter, you can take a bit of rest cleaning the lawn once a week or two. That should give you enough recreational time before you enter the spring season.

How Often Do I Need to Mow the Lawn During Winter?

One of the many FAQs under winter lawn care is about mowing and cleaning the grass. Turns out during winter, grass takes significant time to grow, and thus, mowing every four weeks is recommended as you should allow the grass to grow longer than four weeks between mowing in winter.

When Should I Use Fertilizer?

During summer, your lawn goes through a lot and it needs time to repair itself. A fall or winter fertilizer is one of the crucial aspects of winter lawn care as it helps the grass repair itself and become healthy before you hit spring again. Usually, fall/winter fertilizer is applied a month before the winter sets in and let it do its job over a few months. Your lawn will get all the strength it needs to keep up with summer the next time.

When To Use Herbicides During Winter?

As you enter winter and the grass plants undergo dormancy, weeds like poa annua, habit, rye, and dandelions can grow. A pre-emergent herbicide can help prevent weeds from germinating and is thus recommended to use. If the weeds have already grown, you can still use the post-emergent herbicides. Do check out for good-quality herbicides, read the labels, and apply properly to prevent any patches or damage to the grass.

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