Answering All Your Water Features-Related Questions for Fort Saskatchewan

Water Features
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Water features are a great attraction for both residential and commercial lots in Canada. These man-made structures can recreate a pond, a waterfall, a fountain. Having such a feature can enhance your home, adding a certain beauty to it. Here are all of your water features-related questions for Fort Saskatchewan.

Are Water Features Good for Residential Lots?

Landscaping uplifts the value of a property. Water features bring out nature in close proximity. It acts as a man-made element that detoxifies you after a hectic day. It attracts natural wildlife, flora, and fauna in the long run. It uplifts the value of the property from an economical point of view. Since there are various types of water features, it can adapt to smaller spaces be it pond or water wall, or others. Water features are a great way to differentiate your residence from others, inviting appreciation from others.

Water features require little maintenance than a swimming pool. Water used in these features re-circulates that eliminates the need to constantly purify water that brings down the charges considerably.

What Are the Various Water Features for Homes?

Homeowners literally have a lot of options and flexibility to choose the right water features for their homes. A "Natural Pond" is one of the basic water features in landscapes. It requires a filtration system, a submersible pump, and the cost could go upwards of $5,000. Another popular type of water feature is a "Water Wall". As the name suggests, water cascades down a wall and it can be customized to produce sound and texture and its pricing is between $5000 to $15000.

A "Standard Waterfall'' is a landscape water feature designed either as a standalone or adjoining a pool and its pricing commences at approx $1,000. You can go for Pondless Waterfall, Scuppers, Rain Curtain, Fountains, Streams, Laminar Jets, Sconces, and other types of water features for homes.

What Are the Various Water Features for Commercial Lots?

For commercial properties, art deco and landscape are the first things that catch the attention of the visitors. Thus, commercial lots resort to installing water features that do make a statement. There are endless possibilities on what to choose when it comes to water features. It could be pools, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and more and since these features offer greater flexibility and customizability, these features can fill a small or a large space without sticking out from the place. Water features are low in maintenance and can withstand weathering and other factors for years.

Maintenance of Water Features

HML Construction is well-versed in servicing and maintenance of different types of water features across residential and commercial lots. As these water features require little maintenance, the cost of keeping a water feature afloat for years is economical in the long run that makes it feasible to install by the masses.

What Is Our Process?

At HML Construction, you can expect a professional experience when installing any water feature in your landscape. Equipped with the right tools, equipment, and a team of professionals, they come together to design, work out details to suit customers’ requirements & budget, and construct the water feature. The process could be short or lengthy based on the type of water features and the intricacies related to it.

Be it commercial or residential water features, HML Construction at Fort Saskatchewan has it all with a huge collection of designs and varied types of water features to choose from that will satisfy one’s budget and preference.

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