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Snow Removal Mistakes
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With wintertime in full swing, you may already have different tasks that you’ll need to take care of, especially in dealing with the snowfall on your property.

Although symbolical of nearly anything that’s great about the holiday season, snow can be quite troublesome to handle because of all the various problems it brings along for commercial properties. Yes, a sea of white, fluffy, and shave-ice looking snowfall can definitely put anyone in the right holiday spirit, but it can also cause a bit of a nightmare once it’s time to clean up.

The Growing Pains of Removing Snow (And a Problem to Watch Out For)

Over the years, you may have become accustomed to the whole idea of removing snow from your property because it is one of the foremost tasks that any Edmonton business handles in the winter. Unfortunately, the increased responsibilities that come during a buyer-packed year-end sale season (in addition to your bad back) make it hard to shovel stuff out of the way as well as you should.

As Canadian winters continue to grow even fiercer each year, the snow problem that most properties in Edmonton and St. Albert need to be taken care of becomes even more difficult to deal with. Among the hurdles that come with handling snowfall on your commercial building, there’s one particular issue that all property owners need to know about: The common snow removal mistakes.

Different Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Though simple enough, snow removal can prove to be a task where committing mistakes is as easy as shovelling a top layer of frosted white out of the way. In fact, some of these mistakes can end up costing you extra expenses or a trip to the hospital—two potential results that are more than enough to convince anyone to be more careful.

If you understand that you to be a bit more careful every winter, here are the different snow removal mistakes you need to avoid right away when keeping your commercial building in shape:

Mistake #1: Following the Wrong Technique

Contrary to popular belief, getting snow out of the way safely and efficiently isn’t about using a "scoop-lift-toss" approach because doing so can hurt your back and wrists. If you want to avoid giving yourself a hard time this holiday season by starting your year with a fresh injury, it’s best to make multiple passes at a patch of snow as it falls and push the white, fluffy ice across the surface!

Mistake #2: Not Calling an Expert When Taking Care of the Roof

Often, many Canadians that end up in the hospital room after trying to remove snow from the roof because it’s one of the most dangerous tasks of the bunch, which is why it pays to leave it to a professional. Thankfully, you would not be putting yourself at risk as you keep your roof clear of snow, instead, you can let the experts at HML construction take over and handle the removal process for you.

Mistake #3: Waiting Too Long to Remove Snow

While we’d all like to think that snow itself is a great symbol for holiday cheer, that’s no excuse to be complacent and wait around until it all thaws over because doing so can end up damaging different parts of your property. From your gutters to your pavement, waiting too long to remove the snowy whites from your building will end up corroding or harming the entire structure, so be sure to start promptly!


Removing snow is a holiday chore that involves being aware of the different mistakes that you can make throughout the season and avoiding them at all costs. Thankfully, keeping this guide in mind and watching out for the three particular errors mentioned above will go a long way to ensure that you don’t put yourself in a bad spot ever again in the winters to come!

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