10 Simple Landscaping Ideas for Your Grass-Free Yard

Simple Landscaping Ideas
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Grass is often a go-to for landscaping, but it can often miss the mark with some backyards. It requires perfect soil and the right amount of sunlight and rain to thrive in. Along with that, regular maintenance is always needed.

Not including it in your landscaping design may seem odd since it’s such a classic staple, but it can give space to many great alternatives you can consider for your home. You can look for innovative ideas in place of the common grass.

If there happens to be a lot of shade in your yard, along with some questionable soil and ever-changing weather in your area, try out these landscaping options instead. All these can look good and increase the visual appeal of your property.

- Pathways

A beautiful pathway doesn’t really have any environmental requirements for it to exist. All you need are beautiful materials and an aesthetic to go for when you invest your landscaping into the pathing.

- Sitting Areas

Having a patio as the centrepiece of your yard can tie everything together, whether there’s grass or not. Make sure the furniture you get is harmonious with the rest of the outdoor decor to create cohesion.

- Trellises

A trellis can be a very sophisticated addition to the yard. It can accent any other plants you can include in the landscaping and act as a fence from outside areas. It’s also a potential background when taking pictures for social media.

- Groundcover

Groundcover is one of the closest alternatives to grass. These plants often stay small and can survive in shaded areas. They can also thrive in various types of soil and require little maintenance. Aside from function, they can look wonderful.

- Cacti

If there isn’t a lot of rain in the property’s area, consider adding cacti to the place. Cactus can prosper in drought-prone areas as they aren’t water-dependent. Just be a little careful of the spikes when placing them in your backyard.

- Succulents

There’s a lot of variation in succulents, so you get to choose which potted plants can fit your property’s landscaping. Just like cacti, succulents can survive in dry areas. In fact, they need a lot of sunlight to grow.

- Lenten Roses

Lenten roses are gorgeous when they are blooming. Aside from attracting eyes, they are also able to exist with nutrient-deficient soil. This versatility can be convenient if your yard is in a tricky spot.

- Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a delightful colour and is an equally appealing flower that landscapers can incorporate in their design. They can provide different pops of colours and bring contrast to the look of a backyard.

- Black Jack Sedum

Despite the name, black jack sedum actually comes in shades of purple and pink. This plant can grow a little taller compared to other varieties. Nevertheless, it can bring a sweetly feminine vibe to the appearance of your landscaping.

- Bleeding Hearts

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for homeowners to see these gorgeous bleeding hearts. They look magical up close and elegant when gazed from afar, providing a whimsical feel to your backyard that people would dub as ‘cottagecore.’


It is possible to spruce up a yard’s landscaping without grass and still entice homebuyers. More creative freedom goes into planning, and the end result can often look a lot more modern without the classic greenery.

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