Stop Believing These Summer Lawn Maintenance Myths

Lawn Maintenance Myths
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Most people agree that an unkempt lawn can degrade a beautiful home's curb appeal. However, you need to know that maintaining a lawn is easier said than done. You have to conduct regular maintenance and consider weed prevention and fertilizing elements. However, there’s a lot of false information surrounding lawn maintenance, some of which you may even be guilty of practicing. Here are some lawn maintenance myths:

It Doesn’t Matter What Time of the Day the Lawn Is Watered

The best time to water the lawn is early morning before 9 AM when there is low sunlight and minimal wind. If you water the lawn in the afternoon, a lot of the water evaporates under the glaring heat of the sun. Watering in the evening is not ideal because it leads to fungal growth on the lawn.

Lime Can Be Used for Any Issues Within the Lawn

Lawns only need lime when they are at a certain pH level. Take caution when using lime in your lawn as you can burn your lawn if you add too much lime to it. Also, lime can turn the grass brown instead of keeping it lush green.

Beer Can Be Used as a Fertilizer

Undoubtedly, the idea behind this myth is that beer will introduce yeast to your soil that helps it grow. Beer contains yeast, but at the same time, it also contains alcohol, sugar, and other elements that end up hindering the growth of grass in your lawn. In addition, the yeast in beer leads to fungal growth. You should use natural fertilizers that give the lawn its much-needed nutrients instead of just the yeast.

The Shorter the Grass Is Cut, the Less Often It Needs Mowing

It's better to keep the grass long instead of short. Short scalping can have repercussions and even kill your lawn. Furthermore, cutting the grass too short will limit nutrient supply to the grass while the weeds will have a free reign. Therefore, you should consider keeping the grass at least three inches long throughout the season.

The Best Time to Fertilize the Lawn Is Springtime

Different types of grasses grow in the warm and cool seasons. Both types must be fertilized at least six to eight times a year, but cool-season grasses must be fertilized in the early spring, autumn or late spring season. It's always helpful to have the lawn fertilized at least a day or two before it starts raining.

Using a Hose Instead of a Sprinkling System Will Save Money

One of the advantages of using the irrigation or sprinkler system is that it is installed within your lawn and provides water automatically and evenly to the lawn. Using a hose increases the possibility of overwatering, which would increase your water bills and result in brown spots throughout the lawn.

Remember these myths when maintaining your lawn. For professional lawn maintenance services and other tips, contact HML Landscape and Tree Services. Our experienced team gives you peace of mind while managing all aspects of your lawn.

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