Steps to Remove Tree Stumps Painlessly

Tree Stumps
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Tree stumps are not as hard to remove as they seem. In fact, with proper technique, it’s almost effortless to remove them. If you have recently finished chopping your tree and are thinking about how to proceed with stump removal, there is more than one way to go about it. Listed down below are two simple and effortless methods to remove a tree stump from your yard.

Method 1: By Digging the Stump Out

1) Tree roots go deep in the ground and to expose them, you will need a shovel. Dig the area surrounding the stump until the roots begin to show up. Stop using the shovel once you have reached the largest of roots. However, if the tree roots run deeper than expected, this method might not be the one for your stump.

2) Once you see the roots, take up a handsaw or a chainsaw, whatever you are comfortable with, and begin chopping them down one by one.

3) You might have a few remaining roots on your stumps embedded here and there. Proceed to wrench them out using a grub hoe.

4) As you finish cutting the roots and piling them away, the stump is now easy to remove. Use a sledgehammer if you require excessive force. If not, you are safe to use a regular hammer. And with that, your stump is fully detached from the ground.

5) Make sure not to leave the hole open. Fill it up with sawdust or loam, and even some soil.

Method 2: By Using a Chemical Stump Remover

1) With the help of a drill with preferably a spade bit, drill around 12-inch deep holes through the upper base of your stump. Ensure that the holes are made in a dispersed manner so that your stump can absorb the chemicals easily.

2) Next, pour stump remover chemicals readily available in the market. Made mostly from potassium nitrate, these chemicals are a catalyst in rotting the wood and softening it more rapidly.

3) Once you have poured the chemicals, make sure neither your pets nor your children are seen near the site, as these chemicals can be very harmful to them.

4) Wait for around 5-6 weeks for the chemicals to fully rot the stump. This process will soften up the wood so that it can be easily removed.

5) Proceed to use an ax to cut down the softened stump until you are left with separate pieces and a leveled stump.

6) Burn the remaining parts of your stump until nothing but the roots are left. Remove the roots and other debris accumulated on the spot until nothing is left. Now, fill the hole with loam or sawdust and get your site leveled.

There are many other methods that can help you uproot your stump from the ground. However, those will result in a great amount of hassle for you while also consuming a huge chunk of your time. Not to mention, your lawn might suffer if something goes awry. HML Landscape and Tree Services is here with modern solutions surrounding your yards and trees. Our team is equipped with licensed professionals and modern tools, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Give us a call and we shall get it done for you!

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