All Questions Answered About Paving Stones in Leduc

Paving Stones in Leduc
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HML Construction is a dedicated landscaping construction and design team that values the beauty of what workmanship and great designs can bring to space. When you think of landscaping, you think about stones and boulders. We are an experienced construction team in Leduc, Canada and provide the best paving stones and flagstone patio services in Edmonton. Before deciding on getting this service:

1) Make sure the space you are planning to pave stones is uniform and even.

2) While you pick out the best stones, consider checking how they will look when they are dry and wet.

3) Choose stones that match the exteriors of your homes or colours that can go with your landscape.

What Are The Benefits Of Stones?

They are durable as they never flake, chip or crack. They withstand cold and hot climates. Suitable for people living in places like Canada.

They are easy to repair.

They are low-maintenance. They are built to last as they do not absorb grime or change color, making them easy to clean.

You can create different patterns and designs on your own with these stones!

Various Types Of Stones

There are several stones available like marble, sandstone, limestone, basalt, slate, granite and quartzite that can be used for the construction. These paving stones should be free from weathered cracks and other defects that can reduce durability and strength. The paving stones are procured by extracting massive solid rocks.

Different Types Of Pavers

What Are Pavers?

Pavers are the blocks and slabs made from various materials like brick, flagstone, marble etc., to create pools, decks, driveways etc. They are great alternatives for concrete because they look better than regular concrete slabs. The demand for flagstone patios in Edmonton is on the rise and for all the right reasons. It gives your property a lavish yet sleek look.

The main distinguishing feature of different types of pavers is it’s material.

- Brick Pavers

They are made from molded clay and are great alternatives to concrete.

- Concrete Pavers

They are available in many sizes and shapes and the most popular for driveways and roadways.

- Marble Pavers

They are the most suitable for outdoor areas like walkways and patios.

- Rubber Pavers

They are made out of durable recycled rubber.

- Natural Stone

They are made out of a mixture of concrete and natural stone.

- Porcelain Pavers

It has a clay-based material and is treated at extremely high temperatures.

How Easy Is It To Maintain Various Stones?

Pavers are quite low maintenance. All you have to do is keep your paver patio and walkway clean with regular maintenance like sweeping and some soap and water. You can use sealers to keep them looking like they are new. You can add charm to the exteriors of your homes by installing the paving stones in your driveway, walkways, patios and pool decks. Pavers are durable and look quite beautiful. Take care of them so they last for decades.

What Is Our Paving Stone Laying Process?

HML Construction has an experienced and dedicated team of construction experts in Canada. We adhere to a systematic approach for all our projects. HML’s process for paving stone laying is:

1) Planning and Layout

We help you decide where the pavers will go and determine if you have enough space for it.

2) Calculating The Needed Amount Of Pavers

Then, we measure the width and height of the area that needs to be paved.

3) Excavation

We establish the height the pavers need so that they do not exceed the height.

4) Base Material

Once the excavation step is completed, we lay the base material.

5) Edge Restraints

If the edge restraints are not installed, the pavers are likely to separate and move.

6) Sand Bedding

Before laying the pavers on the surface, we make sure a layer of sand bedding is placed over the base material.

7) Laying Pavers

Our experts then lay the pavers according to the pattern and arrangements decided.

8) Sand Joints

This involves sweeping the sand over the surface that fills up the pavers into the soil.

9) Sealing

After it all, we sweep and clean the entire area to remove all debris and extra materials.

10) Maintenance

HML provides the best services when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Why Choose HML?

We understand that landscape projects are a huge investment you make. Thus, we make sure our landscape designers are with you at every step to help you get the best out of the investment you have made. We create a space that best suits your purpose, vision and lifestyle. The experienced HML team gives you peace of mind as we manage all aspects of your projects, from patio building, paving stones to landscape construction, ensuring smooth execution.

HML strives for excellence in all the projects it takes and finds new ways of providing ongoing and best customer care. We value your referral and strive to earn your loyalty by aiming to please the goal of maintaining best relations. Contact HML Construction today to get the best flagstone patios in Edmonton.

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