What Does Our Patio Building in Sturgeon County Include?

Patio Building
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HML Construction offers several custom stone patios and walkways. As leading patio pavers in Edmonton, we carefully prepare the whole surface for you to enjoy for years to come.

Our Patio Paving Process

1) Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, we speak to you and survey the property. It’s vital that we understand what our clients are looking for, and what they envision.

2) Conceptualizing

Our team goes to the drawing-room to start making your vision a reality. Then, we come back to you to showcase how it will all be executed.

3) The Planning

If you like what we conceptualize, we began to mark up a plan. Usually, patio paving takes three to seven days, depending on how complex the project.

4) The Actual Work

This is where we actually begin digging into the ground and laying the foundation. This is a 4-step process:

  • Marking the layout and Excavation

We mark the layout of the ground where your patio is going to be constructed. Usually, we use a tiller or mini-digger (depending on the size of the area) to dig up the area for the foundation.

  • Keeping the layout level

A leveled area is critical for patio construction. We use a mix of crushed stone or concrete that is leveled with a plate compactor.

  • Placing the patio slabs

Placing the patio slabs includes three things: arranging, laying and leveling. Each slab is placed with an 8-15mm gap. It’s a delicate process that needs each slab to be placed correctly, and leveled without any damage.

  • Finishing Touches

Finishing touches include washing the slabs, filling any gaps between them and smoothing down the edges. Washing slabs is the last task we do and then we clear the area.

Now your dreams turn into reality. Our team takes responsibility for the complete management of your landscape designs from beginning to end.

What Types of Patios Do We Build?

HML Construction uses only high-quality stones and materials that are expertly cut and fit. We ensure that the patios made are durable and long-lasting. We also offer a wide range of colors, designs and sizes of paving stones. Paving stones and borders can be mixed and arranged to meet your preferences.

We offer a seamless experience executed on time, so you just have to sit back and relax. With a reliable and highly skilled crew, our clients have access to the best patio pavers in Edmonton.

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