Our Ultimate Landscaping Guide: Dealing with Evergreen Shrubs

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When it comes to caring for your home, you mustn't forget to maintain your garden. With a well-maintained and lush landscape, you can transform your home into a beautiful, picturesque visual that can provide happiness and peace throughout the year.

Besides comfort and peace, having a polished yard throughout the year will impress your neighbours, guests, and anyone who drives by your home. However, maintaining the landscape of your garden isn't a walk in the park since there are a bunch of things you need to deal with, one of which includes evergreen shrubs.

Tending to your plants and landscape requires skills and patience, and for this reason, some people leave it to the hands of reputable landscaping companies. This way, you'll rest easy knowing that your garden and yard are taken care of, and your plants are getting the gentleness and love they deserve.

However, if you're curious to know how to manage your evergreen shrubs, keep reading. This article is our ultimate guide into landscaping, and we'll help you deal with your evergreen shrub woes.

What Are Evergreen Shrubs?

Just like any other plant, evergreen shrubs also come in thousands of varieties, but all of these plants are evergreen and retain their colour for the whole year. However, every year, the evergreen shrub will lose its oldest foliage but will quickly grow a new one, helping it maintain its magnificent, green colour.

The great thing about evergreen shrubs is that it has a permanent structure that can boost your home's exterior aesthetics and curb appeal. This is why it's the perfect plant for northern areas where winter could wipe out almost everything, except for these green beauties.

This is why it’s important to work with reputable landscaping companies to ensure that your yard and garden look their best all year round.

Incorporating Evergreen Shrubs in Your Landscaping

Because of their timeless beauty, evergreen shrubs can make any landscape design work. Whether you're seeking more privacy, low maintenance upkeep, or a boost of colour, this shrub will do wonders for your space.

Here are some reasons you should incorporate evergreen shrubs in your landscape:

Retains its colour all-year-round;

Boosts your curb appeal for every season;

Surrounds the foundation of your house efficiently;

It makes great flower bed borders;

Provides contrasts to other plants;


Some Evergreen Shrubs to Consider for Your Landscaping

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of varieties of evergreen shrubs, but here are a few that you can consider:

- Sprinter Boxwood: This is one of the classic types of evergreen shrubs since it creates great hedges and grows easily, even in containers. Although you can trim and shape this type to any size, they are perfect for square hedges.

- Romeo Cleyera: The Romeo Cleyera is an evergreen shrub perfect for people who want more privacy or prefer container planting. These shrubs grow up to ten feet, providing that much-needed shade and protection from the outdoors.

- Mountain Laurel: If you want a boost of colour, Mountain Laurels in the spring will give you delicate pink, white, and red flowers. Even as they bloom, these shrubs can grow up to 20 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

- Variegated Winter Daphne: If you're focused on foundation planting or shade gardens, the winter daphne is perfect for you. This evergreen shrub blooms in winter and early spring and gives off a distinct aroma, making it perfect for patios and decks.

The Bottom Line: How to Care for Your Evergreen Shrubs?

When caring for your garden and dealing with your home's landscape woes, it's always a good idea to get professionals into the picture immediately.

Professional landscaping companies will have the right tools and know the proper techniques that will help keep your garden and yard crisp, maintained, and healthy. From pruning to identifying signs of green disease, your trusty landscaping company can help you maintain a well-landscaped yard and garden.

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