4 Ways to Maintain Your Lawn in the Fall

Maintain Your Lawn
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During the seasons of fall and winter, it is important to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and green. Most people tend to lawn care during summer and spring. But if you want your lawn to look beautiful and healthy, fall is not the right time to start the process of slacking off.

Caring for your lawn as the season of winter approaches is an important exercise to keep it in good shape around the time of spring. We have listed down some of the essential fall lawn care tips.

Feed Your Lawn

Fall is the best time to feed your lawn. Your lawn will slow its top growth while the roots will continue to grow actively as the weather begins to cool. You should start applying fall fertilizer at the right time as the plants are still absorbing nutrients.

Feeding your lawn at the right time is one of the best lawn care tips as it delivers vital nutrients to encourage deep root growth and will help it store essential nutrients over the winters.

Plant Seeds

Early fall is the right time to plant seeds in your lawn as it appears in need of repair. The process of overseeding an established lawn in bare spots will thicken the grass. Over-seeding, followed by immediate aeration, is highly recommended as the holes left behind by the aerator provide several entry points for the new grass to germinate and fill in the spots that are troubled.

If your lawn has some low spots and they collect water, then you will have to level the ground and re-seed. But make sure to rake the soil that is loosened, add lawn soil, and then evenly distribute the seed.

Keep Watering and Cutting

As the season of fall progresses, you may rely less on the lawnmower as the growth of your lawn begins to slow. However, till the lawn stops growing, you should keep cutting.

Also, do not starve your lawn of adequate water. It is still living and needs watering to build up its roots going into the winter season. If your lawn isn’t getting enough rainwater, make sure to provide at least a half-inch of water each week to prevent it from drying out completely.

To discourage mould, trim the grass nice and short to prevent it from becoming matted. Fall lawn care can be tedious sometimes, but seeing a fuller and greener lawn makes it all worthwhile.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the lawn clean is one of the most essential fall lawn care tips. Clear your lawn of any tree leaves, children’s toys, and gardening tools as that can smother it in the fall season and block nutrients that help your lawn to stay healthy. Fallen tree leaves offer no protection to your grass from the impending snow and can rob it of the much required sunlight. If left to decay, they can also become soggy and slimy.

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