Should You Landscape Your Home Before Selling It? Find Out

Landscape Your Home
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Many homeowners have pondered this subject in the months leading up to their home's sale. While updating your property's external areas can have major financial benefits, landscaping improvements are costly, time-consuming, and sometimes require some amount of aftercare too. Here are some things to think about if you're contemplating the benefits and drawbacks of landscaping before selling your home.

Benefits Of Landscaping Before Selling

At first glance, investing on landscaping shortly before you leave the home may appear to be a waste. However, landscaping should not be overlooked as a significant marketing tool!

Increases the Value of Your Home

How much does landscaping effect the price of your home? A landscape restoration may add up to 28% to the value of your house, depending on the scale of the job. The impact of your landscape on the eventual sale price of your home is determined by many factors, including the design quality, how functional the area is, and curb appeal to prospective buyers.

While it may not be essential to entirely redesign your front or backyard spaces before putting your home on the market, there are several advantages to talking to a landscaping artist early on. A trained eye, such as theirs, may help you focus on the aspects of your environment that have the most potential to boost your profits.

Attracts More Buyers

Edmonton's housing market is fiercely competitive. A wonderful landscape provides for a more desirable property, which contributes to the potential worth of a regenerated landscape. From the listing to the promo image on your realtor's website, the curb appeal of your home will catch the attention of your target buyers. A buyer is unlikely to read the listing if they aren't intrigued by the home's outside. When your landscape has the 'wow' factor, it will inevitably draw more views, showings, and offers.

Life Before Pre-Wale

Edmontonians have experienced firsthand how important it is to have an outdoor spot to retreat to during the last year. While selling, this will come in handy. A peaceful outdoor retreat will be a blessing if you want to make any substantial inside modifications to your house, especially if the job will take several weeks or months. You'll adore being able to take your work laptop out into a tranquil setting.

Landscaping Disadvantages Before Selling

While we believe that landscaping benefits sellers, we also understand that any outdoor renovation is a significant investment. Here are some things to think about while you explore your alternatives.


Landscaping, like all excellent home upgrades, is an investment. When considering if a purchase on this scale makes the most sense for your scenario, it's always best to use your discretion. We recommend meeting your real estate agent to examine your situation and decide on landscaping before selling. Every house is different, and thus there is no one solution.


If you're seeking for a rapid sale or have already made an offer contingent on the sale of your property, a landscaping makeover may not be feasible. While our crewmates are among the most efficient in the industry, quality workmanship takes time, and it's not the best time to start booking showings in the middle of a landscaping project. If you plan to upgrade your landscape before selling your house, make sure to account for the time it will take to finish the project as well as some wiggle room. HML Construction, a landscaping service company with locations in Edmonton and St. Albert, is available for anything and everything. Connect with us today!

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