Landscape Style Guide for 2022

Landscape Style
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If you want to do some landscaping this year, now is the time to start thinking about it! This 2022 landscape stylebook will break down the components of landscape design and provide examples to assist you in selecting the landscape style that best meets your taste.

When planning your landscape layout, consider the following fundamental features of landscape design:

- A plant's or hardscape material's texture refers to its roughness, smoothness, and weight.

- Whether you pick cold colours, monochrome gardening, or contrasting colours for something spectacular, colour is essential for establishing an atmosphere in your landscape.

- From sidewalks to fences to retaining walls, as well as groomed hedges and trellises, lines relate to the structures and angles of your environment.

- The plants or items in your environment are referred to as form. An overgrown-style garden would have organic growth patterns, whereas a formal garden will have groomed plants.

- Scale refers to the size of your plants and landscape selections in relation to the scale of the surrounding landscape and structures.

- Simplicity: even with a complicated design, moderation of colours and patterns will go a long way towards ensuring that your environment isn't overpowering.

- A sense of unity in your environment may be achieved by using similar colour schemes, textures, and hardscape materials.

How Do You Plan a Landscape Layout?

Begin by exploring ideas and thinking about permanent features that currently exist in your yard. What do you prefer, a modern or rustic look? Is there a tree that you would like to have in your yard?

Next, think about the practical objectives you want to attain. Will you be needing a retaining wall to prevent water flow during the monsoon? Is it time to rebuild your patio?

Then think about the features you'd like to have in your landscaping, such as a patio area, stone pathway, garden and additional trees. With these factors in mind, you can start putting together a list of non-negotiables that will work as your core. Once you have the basic structure in place, incorporating other elements will be much easier.

Landscape Inspiration

Landscape: Rustic Country Farmhouse

To achieve rusticity, use circular curves or asymmetrical lines that enhance warmth and offer nice meeting spaces.

You'll want to include items like:

- Railings made of wood.- For lawn edging, use tiny rocks.- Ground covers and natural gardens.- Mulch made of wood.- Features made of wood, such as an archway or a wall.- A birdbath or a tiny water feature.

Landscape: Spanish Style

Landscape design in the Spanish style is a fantastic way to turn your backyard into a European getaway.

You might wish to include the following items to obtain this look:

- Boulder walls can be used as stairs or steps.

- Using Spanish-style roofs and archways helps to recreate the perfect European feel in the outdoor patio.

- With a dining set as the focal point, large areas with flat paving stone or flagstone can be created.

- Create gardens containing a lot of drought-tolerant perennials like hens and chicks, stone crops, or yuccas to give Spanish vibe.

- A fire pit in the backyard.

- A Spanish-designed gate to welcome visitors.

Landscape: Modern Farmhouse

Sleek, clean lines and patterns are your allies with this design. Here are a few suggestions:

- Use outdoor lights to draw attention to certain places.- Slanted and exposed timber roofs in outdoor spaces.- Concrete footpaths.- Wooden parts for retaining walls and edging.- Gardens that are self-contained and clutter-free.- Evergreens and bushes that have been well-maintained.

Landscape: Colonial Home

A white picket fence and pillars to frame the front entrance, giving it a southern, colonial feel, is characteristic of this landscape. Other suggestions include:

- Lawns and gardens that are well-kept.- Steps made of stone.- Stone walls that aren't too tall.- Pathways made of flagstone.- Seating locations that are charming.- A little fountain.- For seclusion, use evergreen hedges or conical evergreens.

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