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Spring Makeover
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Spring is a magical time. With beautiful floral trees and blossoming bushes, who wouldn't want a little magic in their yard too? If you would like some spring makeover for your yard you've landed on the right page. Here are some crowd pleasers for this spring.

Welcome Spring with These Trees and Shrubs

Every spring, these one-of-a-kind flowering trees and shrubs will provide a splash of colour to the landscape. Warning: You will have an overwhelming need to twirl in slow motion with arms spread—possible side effects.

HoneyRose Honey Suckle

Every spring, this show-stopper blossoms into a puffball of candy pink blooms. Gardening enthusiasts are addicted, and so are the butterflies and hummingbirds in the neighbourhood! The beautifully perfumed blossoms have thin petals that give them a ruffled appearance, as well as golden stamens that lend a splash of colour.

Honeysuckle bushes like Honeyrose may grow up to 12 feet tall and wide when fully grown, making them ideal for bulk planting as a windbreak. While most honeysuckle plants are prone to aphid infestations, the Honeyrose honeysuckle is aphid-resistant. It should be planted in full sun or medium shade, and it should be pruned once a year in early March.


Dogwood is an easy choice if you're looking for a shrub or tree with white blossoms in the spring. In terms of aesthetic spectacle, the golden multicoloured dogwood, on the other hand, is unrivalled. The blooms are lovely, but the foliage is breathtaking.

Pea Shrub

One of the harshest flowering shrubs on the planet is the pea shrub! It can tolerate subzero temperatures with ease. While the weeping pea shrub officially belongs to the spring-flowering tree family, it's on the small side, therefore it's treated as a shrub. The weeping foliage is very beautiful and dramatic, and the lemon yellow blooms add even more to it. Its smooth, olive-green bark is also quite attractive. Overall, a ten-out-of-ten statement plant that piques interest.

Plum Tree

This little-known decorative tree with pink blossoms doesn't get nearly enough attention. It doesn't actually produce fruit, which means fewer mess to clean up and fewer stains on roadways. Because of its modest stature and brilliant pink blossoms, it's ideal for cheering up your front yard. They are typically just about 15 feet tall and 10 feet broad.

Cupid Cherry

You will be delighted by the white flowers that appear on the Cupid cherry tree in the spring season. You'll be able to harvest some really tasty fruits after they fade! Birds can't get enough of the shiny red cherries that hang like decorations, so if you plant one of these beauties, you'll have plenty of visitors.

Are you looking for some spring-blooming trees and shrubs to plant in your Edmonton yard this year? The earlier you plant, the better—you'll want to allow your new plants plenty of time to acclimate to the rising temperatures! If you require any assistance in putting your new plantings in place, please do not hesitate to contact HML Landscape & Tree Services.

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