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Fence Installation
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A solid and well-built fence can add to the aesthetics of your home. Professionally built fences age gracefully with the surroundings and enhance the overall appeal and value of your yard. It protects your house and loved ones by adding privacy while also being a landscape investment. Get ready to get the best fence installation by the most experienced landscaping company in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Types Of Fence We Build

HML offers a variety of different types of fence materials like red cedar, vinyl and treated lumber. We make sure these fences are installed by professional and experienced contractors only.

Red Cedar

Red Cedar Fences are very attractive to look at, and thus, very visually appealing. These are costlier than lumber fences but are more natural-looking. And over time, they age to a pleasant grey colour.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence comes in a variety of styles and colours. They are quite long-lasting and completely maintenance-free.

Treated Lumber

The materials for treated Lumber Fences are easily available. They are quite economical but may require some maintenance over time.

What’s Our Process Of Fence Installation?

Being an experienced landscaping company in Edmonton, we understand that the installation process impacts the satisfaction of our clients. HML Construction follows a simple step-by-step procedure for the fence installation.

  • We find your property stakes

We help you in doing this as sometimes a survey document is required for locating the marker.

  • We mark the utility lines

HML contacts the Diggers Hotlines to mark the location of the public utility lines. The customers are given the opportunity to show us any private utilities like buried electric lines or propane lines.

  • We mark the fence line

Before the installation of the fence, our team makes sure to meet our clients to determine the exact location of the fencing. Once done, we mark the fence lines with silver paint.

  • Starting to build the fence

On the day of installation, our installers mark these fence lines with taut strings to determine the exact placement of each fence post. But this measurement may vary with the type of fence being built.

  • Finishing the fence

If the job is small, our professionals can even complete it in a day. All you have to do is just sit back and relax and let our experts do their job.

What All Is Included In The Complete Fence Installation Project?

We check all your city or town regulations, which includes zoning regulation for a fence installation project. Then, HML maps out your property line to avoid any further issues. Our professional contractors usually install a foot inside the property line to avoid any problems. When you hire HML Constrictions to install a fence in your yard, there is a written agreement that details the work, cost, and important information that ensures that both parties are on the same page. This is where a contract comes in. We make sure our clients go through the contract before signing it and that all grounds are covered.

Are There Any Fence-related Codes In Edmonton?

It is a rule in Edmonton that high fences need a permit. A high fence is a fence that is above 1.2 metres high inside yards and front yards. But the backyard fences can be up to 1.85 metres high. Anything above this may require a permit. A Development Officer reviews applications for a privacy screen or over-height fences using the Zoning Bylaw regulations. Once the application is approved, the neighbours are notified within 60m of the property. The notification period in which the neighbours appeal to the development of the officer’s decision is approximately about four weeks. If the application has been rejected, you can appeal through the Development Appeal Board.

How Should You Select Your Contractor?

The first thing you should do is do thorough research to find a trustworthy local contractor. You can get references and recommendations from your trustable sources. Once you find a suitable contractor, learn about his qualifications and experiences. Afterwards, you should look into the types of services you are provided. The most important part is to clarify the expectations and timelines about the fence installation beforehand. Closing the deal with a contractor who is honest and stands on his promises is important. Lastly, make sure that the contractor is licensed and certified.

Contact HML Construction and get in touch with our experts to guide you through your complete fence installation and for the best services!

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