5 Fertilizing Tips for a Healthy and Luscious Lawn

Healthy and Luscious Lawn
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A lawn needs consistent care, attention and fertilization to keep it healthy and luscious. An unattended lawn or inadequate fertilization makes way for weed growth and infestation, which further multiplies and damages the garden. Also, if the grasses and trees do not get the required nutrition and energy, they are likely to deteriorate and worsen the appearance and health of the garden. To prevent this, here are fertilizing tips for a healthy and luscious lawn:

Use Epsom Salt for Seed Germination

Epsom salt is the best fertilizer to enhance seed germination. It contains sulphur and magnesium that support seed germination and chlorophyll production and significantly improve the absorption of crucial nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Generally, the ratio of Epsom salt is two teaspoons against one gallon of water. However, the ratio might vary depending on the requirements of your lawn, so take advice from an expert. Once the dilution is ready, spread it across the lawn and wait to see wonders.

Apply Fertilizers to Provide Nutrients

Lawn products and fertilizers are a must for better nourishment of the garden. Opt for fertilizers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium consisting of a ratio of 4:1:2. It is essential to fertilize, especially during the fall, because the perfect blend will provide enough nutrients and nourishment to the grass roots, so they can easily multiply in cooler weather. Further, the roots store food for the winter, so the supply of nutrients continues.

Reseed Bare Patches

It gets challenging for the seeds to thrive during summer, which leads to bare patches. It is essential to reseed bare areas during late summer and early fall. To begin with, you can start watering the new seed twice a day. Then, use fertilizers that are formulated specifically for new grasses to provide nutrients and promote growth. Also, ensure that you don’t overspread the seeds as that would stagnate the growth due to overcrowding.

Mulch the Garden Area

Mulching is an excellent way to eliminate weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and keep the soil cool. It is a technique where the machine shreds the leaves into tiny flakes and spreads them in the broader area of the lawn. The shredded leaves then work as a natural fertilizer, providing adequate nutrients and energy, leading to healthy growth.

Fertilize Shady Areas Lesser

One of the common mistakes people make is that they over-fertilize shade areas. Shady areas do not require more water as the water can’t be evaporated. Also, avoid putting fertilizers in those areas as they don’t get much sunlight, so the plants won’t grow much. Instead, spread half the amount of fertilizers in those areas for adequate fertilization and growth.

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It is not easy to take care of a lawn. You must have knowledge of everything, from getting appropriate fertilizers and scheduling mulching to knowing the proportion of fertilizers and when to stop fertilizing for a healthy and luscious lawn. It is best to approach professionals like HML Landscape and Tree Services. Our expertise and top-quality fertilizers make your lawn healthy, lush green and attractive. For further information, connect with us.

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