Frequently Asked Questions about Retaining Walls in Edmonton

Retaining Walls
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Retaining Walls serve multiple purposes depending on your landscaping needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to add a retaining wall to your property or wish to repair or customize one, we have listed down Frequently Asked Questions about Retaining Walls in Edmonton.

What are Retaining Walls?

Retaining Walls are typically placed on a slope that angles towards your home. It can be an aesthetic and beautiful addition to the landscape of your home making it look more pleasing. It is quite helpful during heavy rainfall as it averts muddy mess on your home, voids runoff from carrying away soil, and keeps the debris away from your property.

What Are the Benefits of Having Retaining Walls?

There are numerous benefits of retaining walls. They form property boundaries, retain soil in case of a higher elevation, and add decorative elements to your property. Made of bricks, blocks, natural rocks or wood, they are aesthetically pleasing in their overall look and design. They add depth to your home and make small yards look large. They also add the elements of colour and divide the lawn. They help in creating a raised or elevated garden.

The major functionality of retaining walls is edging the property to serve as a boundary and retain soil. Blocks and wood ties can be used to attain great functionality. For sitting walls, manufactured blocks serve a good purpose. The structure of retaining walls keeps rocks and soil at their place so they don’t come sliding down to damage your property.

What Do We Offer for Retaining Wall Building?

Being expert professionals in building retaining walls, we use a host of tools and materials apart from the decorative materials ensuring beauty with functionality. The walls built by our professional team are correctly backfilled with appropriate channelling of water. We use materials such as timber, brick, stone veneer, poured concrete, natural stone, and boulders depending on your need and requirement.

We aim to create a long-lasting design saving your valuable money on materials and maintenance in the long run.

What Is Our Process of Building a Retaining Wall?

At HML Construction, our retaining walls are built and levelled on the base of a standard compacted road crush with a weeping tile. We also build and facilitate washed rock drainage system behind each wall.

It can be constructed in several ways. The most common varieties comprise anchored walls, cantilever walls, and gravity walls. We select an appropriate one considering the conditions in your yard. We follow the landscaping bylaws of Edmonton.

We at HML Construction specialize in building retaining walls and a host of landscaping services ensuring great design and workmanship.

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