4 Exciting Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas
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People are suddenly going in whole new ways in the way they manage front yard landscaping as a result of the increased hours spent at home over the last year. We're starting to understand the potential in all of this extra outside space, and instead of keeping it for purely decorative purposes, we're coming up with new and imaginative ways to use it. You're squandering a lot of useful space if your front yard consists entirely of typical green grass. Give your front yard a fresh look with these landscaping ideas that can transform it into a beautiful, useful space.

Front Yard Landscape Design

The function of front yards is evolving. These trendy landscaping design concepts are exactly what your outside space requires.

1) Fire Pits

Fire pits and patio hardscapes have traditionally been kept for the backyard, but there has recently been a rise in interest in incorporating these entertaining features into the front yard. Adding a gorgeous stone fire pit with a paved seating area to your property provides a lot of curb appeal. Plus, if you have a wonderful view from your front yard, you can enjoy it while relaxing in front of a warm fire! While some people enjoy the privacy of backyard hangouts, there's something lovely about being able to converse in the front yard and wave to passers-by.

2) Using Fence

A barren fence is an opportunity squandered! There are a plethora of beautiful vining plants that may be braided through a fence to bring passion and romance to the scene. And, let's face it, a basic chain-link fence isn't exactly awe-inspiring, but decorating it in lush, flowering vines transforms it into something dramatic and romantic. Wooden picket fences can also be used as a trellis; however, we recommend placing annual plants such as morning glory on them. Paint can be chipped off by perennial vines, and repainting a fence with vines is difficult!

3) Wildlife

There are many ways to make your front yard more welcoming to friendly critters like butterflies, bees, even if you don't have the singing voice of a Disney princess. It's not only excellent for the environment, but it's also good for your garden to create safe, healthy habitats for local wildlife. Introducing pollinators will maintain your vegetable garden growing abundant crops, and inviting owls will deter mice from devouring your harvest!

4) Food

Boundary shrubs and privacy hedges have long been a staple of front yard landscaping. But why not make these hedges even more useful by planting some that yield delicious edibles? In Alberta, there are numerous hardy berry bushes to choose from, as well as several small fruit trees that can easily fit in a front yard. If you're the kind to rush out the door in the morning and skip meals, nothing beats grabbing a bunch of berries or an apple from the front yard on your way out the door! Looking for landscaping companies in St Albert? Contact us!

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