Easy Tree Pruning Tips You Should Know

Tree Pruning
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Taking care of your trees from time to time for their healthy growth is crucial. This is why pruning once in a while is essential to ensure that your trees’ well-being is secured. Here are some pruning tips that you can follow to invest in the long-term health of your plant.

Prune According to Seasons

Generally, trees and shrubs are in their top-tier form during the spring season. Hence, pruning at this time makes sense. Perennial plants can experience healthy growth when they are pruned in the spring. Fall is where you remove the branches that interfere with the rest of the landscape. This is why pruning during fall is usually called ‘corrective pruning.’ Many trees, such as deciduous ones, are dormant in winter, so pruning can help them blossom when spring comes.

Ready your Tools

Before beginning any pruning activity, it is essential to gather the correct tools and equipment. You can get advice from tree services about the same. Tools that are rough at the edges can result in a badly cut branch. This will spoil the tree's look and impact its growth and health. Make sure to clean your tools, such as blades of secateurs and loppers. Sharpen them and inspect if they have any rust on them. You can apply oil frequently to ensure that your tools don’t rust.

Get a 10 o’clock cut

It has nothing to do with time but rather the angle. Making a 10 o’clock angle or a 45-degree angle cut slanting away from the bud can help the bud grow healthily. This angle can drive the water away from the sensitive bud and minimize the surplus tissue that might rot.

Cut at the Right Height

As a general thumb rule, the distance of the cut from the bud should neither be very large, nor very small. A larger distance can result in water accumulation at the stub, which may lead to rotting. On the other hand, a cut very close to the bud can increase the chances of damage.

Allow Air Circulation

Shrubs and bushes thrive better when adequate air circulation and light reach the innermost areas. This is why losing a few roots near the center of the plant is crucial. This will help avoid pests or diseases growing in these areas.

Don’t Forget Aftercare

Collect the heaps of cut branches, especially the diseased ones, and dispose of them. You can use fertilizers so that your trees heal faster and experience reduced stress.

Pruning of trees is not as simple as it looks. Your tree’s health and well-being rest in your hands. That’s why taking up pruning when you are inexperienced isn’t a good idea. Getting professionals to prune your trees can give your trees a perfect finish and save you a lot of time. Reach out to HML Landscape and Tree Services. Your trees are the safest in our hands so that you can be stress-free while we take care of them.

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