An Explainer on Using Boulders for Landscaping Purposes

Boulders for Landscaping
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One of the most popular options when it comes to curb appeal is landscaping through the use of boulders. Whether these big rocks are used to accentuate a flagstone patio or as focal points of their own, they're certainly on-trend. Landscaping in Edmonton, St. Albert, and neighbouring areas has certainly seen an uptick in their usage.

Why Is This Something That's Become Trendy?

In a nutshell, it's because they require little to no maintenance even if they do a lot for one's landscape. There are multiple natural mediums that come into play when it comes to landscaping, all for the sake of beautifying a yard. Amongst those mediums are rocks of considerably large sizes. Understandably, it can seem rather tricky for most to incorporate boulders into their yards, whether it's the backyard or front yard. The same goes for boulders and water features.

What Should Be Kept in Mind When It Comes to Landscaping with Boulders?

First, let's define a boulder: if the rock is bigger than 10 inches in terms of diameter, geology considers that a boulder. That can be anywhere from something that can be carried to something that requires heavy machinery like a crane to lift.

There are no identical boulders, but there are two categories for shape: angular and round. As their names suggest, angular boulders have flat surfaces with jagged edges while round boulders are smooth. The latter also tend to be water-worn.

Exactly What Type of Boulders Are Best for Landscaping Purposes?

That depends on how the rocks are going to be used in the first place. What is the overall goal for the yard's aesthetic? How much is the budget of the homeowners? In the consideration stage, the final look that will hopefully be achieved matters far more than rock type.

- Colour

Colour is an important factor when it comes to landscaping with rocks in general. When it comes to boulders, there are a plethora of possibilities aside from natural brown, white, and gray. There are more unique hues to choose from, such as green, pink, and even blue.

- Locally Sourced Rocks

A great way to manage expenses is through the use of rocks found locally. That will also add an authentic feel to the landscape as it ties into what is naturally found in the region to begin with.

- Using Boulders on Your Property

There's a lot of room when it comes to landscaping with the use of boulders. It's rather fluid, and since the homeowner will be making direct decisions relating to their property, the possibilities are endless. Some key tips include:

Have an action plan from the beginning.

Choose colours that will beautify and not make things seem too busy.

The bigger, the better—as needed.

Make sure that the boulders are strategically placed or positioned.

Look into gathering boulders into groups or clusters.

Don’t forget that it’s imperative to at least partially bury boulders.

Ensure that the boulders have gravel surrounding them.


Geology defines a boulder as anything bigger than 10 inches in diameter. Landscaping with the use of boulders is great for curb appeal and has become quite the trend. Remember to make sure boulders are strategically placed, surrounded by gravel, and are at least partially buried.

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