All Questions Answered About Patios and Decks in Fort Saskatchewan

Patios and Decks
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If you have a massive space on your property and you want to utilize it at its best, then building a patio or deck is a brilliant idea. A patio and deck on your property enhance the beauty of it. Its exquisite design is pleasing to the viewer's eyes. It is an excellent space for Sunday breakfast, late-night gatherings with your friends, and many such exciting activities. If you can’t figure out which is the best material and classic design that will suit your house, then this article will help you figure out everything.

How Do We Plan the Process?

– You must figure out your budget and the area you want to cover

– Select the design and material you would like to prefer

– Mention any peculiarities you want in your patio and deck

– You can reach out to us with your plan. Or we can plan things out for you

What Types of Patios Do We Build?


It is comparatively the most preferable material as it offers a variety of coatings and attractive colours. In addition, life span is longer compared to other materials and you can always rebar your concrete floor to make it stronger.


It is a perfect choice for your backyard as it builds a stronger and more sleek surface. It is inexpensive compared to other patio types. It resists all kinds of climates and stands stronger throughout. If any damage occurs, they can be easily repaired.


For an aesthetic look, a brick patio is a classic choice. You have many colourful bricks to choose from. And if you want a traditional look, then the red brick is the best. They are easy-peasy to maintain, and you get to make a range of patterns from brick.  

Various Decking Materials We Prefer

Pressure-Treated Wood:

Many prefer pressure-treated wood as the most cost-effective material compared to others. It has a longer life span as its material can resist mold, moisture and rot.


It is a perfect choice if you desire to give a classic look to your deck. It is stronger and durable. Also, it is expensive compared to other materials, and that is because no material is as elegant and eye-appealing as redwood.


For a natural look, nothing is better than cedar. It is long-lasting, impressive and enhances the look of your deck. The material can resist insects and rot, which means you don't have to worry about its protection.

What Are the Steps of Patio and Deck Building


Step 1: Decide the location and design

Step 2: Add fabric to the base

Step 3: Base of gravel or sand

Step 4: Place stones

Step 5: Fill the cracks with sand

Step 6: Install the plants, and it is ready


Step 1: Decide the design and location

Step 2: Measure the area and dig it

Step 3: Install the ledger

Step 4: Build the deck frame and install it

Step 5: Place the decking boards

Step 6: Finally, build the stairs and railing

These are the basic elements you need to keep in mind when building your own patios and decks. Our experts at HML Construction are experienced and guarantee to make your vision in reality.

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