A Homeowner’s Guide to Rock Landscaping for Edmonton Spaces

Guide to Rock Landscaping
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Living in Edmonton is a privilege for many homeowners like you since it’s one of the most coveted residential areas among many Canadian locals and foreigners. However, you may get bored over time with the sights and sounds of urbanscapes, even if you may like to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Luckily, you can transform your yard into an impressive, miniature version of rock formations with the right landscaping. To guide you in this project, use this article as your guide.

Why Should I Consider Rock Landscaping for My Edmonton Home?

Besides the lack of natural scenery, you may have your reservations for landscaping with rocks. In particular, you may be looking into the costs, labour, and maintenance. Fortunately, you actually don’t have to worry too much since rock landscapes come with the following benefits that you should also consider:

- Provides uniform groundcover: Keeping orderliness in the yard can be a daily nuisance on landscaping costs and your personal time. But if you pick the appropriate, low-maintenance rock mulch, you can say goodbye to those worries since everything is kept looking pristine and visually appealing. You can even enhance your property’s overall curb appeal!

- Offers tree planting benefits: If you have always wanted to have trees in your yard, then using particular rock landscaping techniques can help you. Just ensure you work with Edmonton landscape contractors to source local materials and maximize your budget.

What Are the Different Types of Rocks I Can Use for My Yard in Edmonton?

If you are looking for the best rock landscaping materials, refer to the following options:

- Rustic rock: Rustic rocks are the perfect choice for capturing that rustic, nature-inspired rock mountain feel since most of the stones are jagged and actually from mountainous areas. They can make any Edmonton yard look like another picturesque scenery worth enjoying, adding value to your property.

- Lava rock: If you are looking for functionality for your gardening needs, then lava rocks are something worth considering since they can retain moisture, repel weeds, and keep pests away from your property. You can either use this for your container garden, new plant features, and other landscaping applications of your choosing. Just request professional assistance from skilled contractors for your guidance.

- River rocks: You may be a fan of water features and creek-like surroundings, meaning river rocks are your go-to landscaping material of choice! They also come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to add visual intrigue to your landscaping.

- Pea gravel: As the name suggests, pea gravel is smaller rocks usually made for flower bed mulch and other gardening applications. They are low maintenance and can also prevent erosion, enhancing your landscape well.

- Limestone: You may want to have beautiful walls and larger structures for your landscaping, meaning you need some versatile and easy to source. That’s where limestone comes in. You can even use it for home foundations, so you are assured of its durability.

- Rundle Rock: Rundle rocks are dark, uniform stones that complement well with earth tones and other more nature-inspired landscaping. You can also use them for paving, stairways, and pathways, depending on your needs and preferences.


Although the lack of mountainous wonders may hold Edmonton down, you can easily turn this into a solution with the right rock formations, front yard landscaping ideas, and a team of professionals. You just need to consider your options for materials, budget, and overall space to guide your house’s next improvement project. Thus, research further into your personal style, needs, and preferences to ensure success.

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