5 Small Space Landscaping Ideas

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When it’s about our homes, we all love to make it as beautiful as we can to feel happy about it and impress our guests. We strive so hard to convert our home into our dream space. Starting from the entry point, we ensure that the yard area looks alluring so that you can look outside your window while sipping your tea or coffee and feel delighted. And you don’t need to have a lawn like the vintage castles do to convert it into a masterpiece. Amazing home landscaping can be done in small yards too.

If you too have limited space outside your house, here’s how you can make the most of it and feel dreamy about it.

1) Occupy Vertical Surfaces

The best home landscaping way to overcome the challenge of space shortage is using all or most of the vertical surfaces available. These surfaces can be walls, gates, and fences. Make use of these surfaces and convert them into vertical gardens and living walls. One of the several ways to do so is growing vines and plants that need support and put them on the surfaces. Choose from various ornamental or simple vines like clematis, wisteria, and trumpet vine to cover up the fences and gates. This will also help you add some privacy to your home as people won’t be able to see through the fences. For walls, you can consider buying small planters and off-the-shelf products that allow you to grow plants vertically. Once you hook these planters on the walls, grow your favourite plants in them and enjoy the beauty of your very own vertical garden.

2) Add More Layers

One colour throughout the yard or one type of plant across your lawn can easily make it look small. A smart home landscaping idea for smaller areas is to add more colours and layers to the lawn. Think of a forest with low groundcovers, ferns, shade-tolerant understory shrubs and trees, and the tall overhead trees. You can do the same thing with your small yard landscaping. Use options like groundcovers, dwarf plants, bulbs and crevice plants to create a beautiful layered landscape, while maximizing your flower bed space. And then, you can use taller grasses, columnar plants, and other plants that are significantly taller than the other, shorter layers.

3) Play Illusional

If you invite a lot of guests over, you need to do something that helps you mimic a large home yard. Place bold, bright colours in front of where you’ll view them. Because they catch your attention first, the rest of the small garden landscape beyond will seem to recede, helping it to feel larger. Another home landscaping idea is to play with lines. Long, straight lines trick you into thinking a small yard or small garden landscape is bigger than it is. To take full advantage of this illusion, subtly slant the far end of the lines toward one another and create a focal point. In this small backyard idea, a fence does the job and is enhanced by repeating rows of flowers and a pergola.

4) Hang Planters and Place Containers

To make your small front or backyard look lush, you must move beyond the flowerbed available, as even mentioned above. Simplest of all the ways is hanging planters at various spots in your space and placing delicate plants in them. Moreover, there are plenty of pre-planted hanging baskets at the garden center and grocery store.

A more traditional way of maximizing gardening space is with window boxes. Naturally, you can attach them beneath your windows. But other small yard ideas include placing them on a porch, around the perimeter of a patio, or hanging from a deck railing.

Whether you want to add some colours to your yard or you are simply too lazy to look after the lawn, placing huge containers will solve the concerns. Containers and decorative planters add greatly to a garden’s character. They allow you to show off your favourite plants. And if you coordinate their colour and arrange them in odd numbers, you create a dashing focal point.

5) Create a Destination

Your home landscaping or lawn area should have only plants, said nobody. Along with plants, add a dash of purpose to space. Place a fire pit (if you have enough space) and a few comfortable chairs around it for a relaxed lounge feel. If not, then simply place a set of table and chairs or a swing so that you can have some peaceful time surrounded by plants. And grow colourful plants and shrubs, or try the ideas mentioned above to create a serene space. A mixture of paving materials, lawn, hardscape, and container plantings adds enough interest to a small backyard garden that you hardly notice the landscape’s size.

No matter what home landscaping design you choose for your home, we are here to design it for you. With several years of experience, we know what kind of design will transform your lawn area. Get in touch with us whenever you have an idea in your mind.

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